PDRS is proud to offer a complete cradle-to-grave claims process. Once the damage has been reported, we can handle everything from investigation to collection to legal proceedings.

downed utility lines
downed utility lines

Claim Intake

PDRS works with you to find the most efficient way to initiate the claim process.  Our strong IT capabilities allow us to integrate with a wide variety of systems to make the transfer of data to PDRS as efficient as possible.   For underground utility damages, we will interface directly with your locators to notify them when an underground damage occurs. 

Damage Investigation

Investigation is one of the most crucial parts of the claims collection process. We will gather any evidence available from your first responders or we can provide on-site investigation using our own staff.  Rapid evidence gathering allows us to make sure that the correct damaging party is identified, and that sufficient evidence is gathered.   PDRS is happy to develop a training program for your staff to make sure they are aware of the benefits of rapid evidence gathering.

Invoice Creation

In this stage, we work closely with all stakeholders to get a clear idea of the cost of the damages. We will interreact with your repair crews and subcontractors to make sure we get the FULL picture of the damage costs. Once the costs are gathered, we can generate and issue an invoice for the full cost to the liable party.

Claim Resolution

Once the damaging party has received the invoice, we work with them to acknowledge their liability for the damage. Once we have reached an agreement on liability, we work to come to an agreement on the cost to repair.  PDRS’s longstanding relationships with major insurance companies, third-party adjusters and construction companies allow us to obtain a prompt and equitable settlement for damages.

Legal Services

PDRS offers a full range of legal services. If we are unable to come to a resolution on liability or cost through negotiation, PDRS will consult with our client and pursue whichever legal measures they desire. This may include filing suit on their behalf or providing a summary of the evidence for our client’s legal team.


PDRS provides workshops and mentoring to help our customers drive efficiency gains in all aspects of their business.  Allow us to help your company become a world-class, process-driven enterprise.


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